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why us?

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If you need someone to help guide and mentor your team

If you have ideas but not a clear roadmap

If you want to generate insights from the vast data you are collecting

If you want to get a big picture of your industry, competition and the consumers landscape

If you are a brand wanting to shift to online

If you want to build new capabilities and skills

If you want to capture new sources of revenue and value

If you want to build digital strategy and create a winning advantage.

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our offerings

Guidance and Mentorship

We will work with you to act as a bridge between you, your brand and your communication partners. From identifying the challenges and the objectives to chase, to authoring the brief on your behalf we will do all.

Digital Transformation is a big task. A business looking at shedding its traditional image or a brand wanting to navigate the pathway we will work along side your team and help you find the best partner to build a solution that is tested and drives results.


We will guide your teams, having cascaded workshops as a part of the Train-the-Trainer programmes for Hyper Island and WPP’s Digital acceleration sessions.


Digital Strategy

We will work with you to rethink your approach on three fronts:

What works for you in this evolving communication landscape?

What opportunities exist that can be capitalised?

How can we create new experiences, new offerings and eventually a winning advantage?


We will give your brand ideas and views that are actionable. Whether its brand awareness or sales, we think its important for your brand to get a strategic marketing plan aligned to your larger business goals.

We will look at your consumer touch points and find ways to capture value.

Training and workshops

As a part of WPP’s Digital Acceleration Train-the-trainer programmes we have delivered workshops across offices, clients and brands.

We also have conducted workshops as a Hyper Island Train-the-trainer. 

Our workshops are interactive, truly transformational and are planned as 3 hours, 6 hours or 1.5 day events.

Our workshops lead to new thinking, innovation and development of new ideas. Participants end up creating working prototypes. We will design new activities for the workshop based on your brief and get your team to think differently as they brainstorm on fresh perspectives. 

Customer Experience and Design

We look at the consumer pathways and the multiple journeys today’s consumers take across screens and channels.

We will help you dig deeper and find what your consumers expect.

We will look at various aspects of design and find ways to enhance the consumer experience.

We have worked with several social listening and research tools, and will help you discover the current and desired attributes of your consumers.

We will help you carry Usability testing. Getting skilled testers who will watch your consumers interact and perform tasks with your product. We will evaluate the findings and help you make decisions on ux and implementation.


By looking at your consumers transaction and interaction data we will unlock relevant insights, we will use our mapping framework that will connect these insights to bring about consumers' real motivators and drivers.

We will also work to unify the consumer’s journey. 


Social Media and Digital Marketing

We will look at your consumers interactions on Digital and Social media and identify new experiences.

We will look at existing experiences and build ways to optimise them.

Additionally we will look at various data sources and connect dots to guide you through campaigns and experiences right from awareness to advocacy.


We will help you get ready with a plan. We have access to skilled professionals and we can get then at a short moment’s notice. We will ensure your consumers engage with your brands and this engagement gets converted to actions.


Content Solutions

We will help you create content that entertains consumers, drive behaviour for tangible business outcomes. 

We will evaluate your content business strategy and outlook.

We will look at your content tone, voice, content creation and distribution strategies.

We will advise you on the possible content formats your stories should be based on and help them deliver.

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