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Learning Journeys

Up-skilling, Re-skilling

and Learning journeys

Majority of Organisations like yours are looking at their leaders to lead the learning programme.


How do we build high performance teams?

How to we transform knowledge into outcomes?

How do these teams create impact?

And while this gets done, there are several other parameters to consider.


  1. What is the future our industry is headed into?

  2. How do we ensure this learning journey is more deep rooted than some dis-jointed one-offs?

  3. How do we sustain and continuously measure progress?

Corporate Training and Up-skilling additionally provides a strong view of the business environment and helps an Organisation be savvy, nimble and efficient to respond to challenges.


It's their path to success.


Furthermore leaders when themselves skilled right, have the confidence to empower other team members. They are able to align the entire Organisation to cohesively work together keeping the bigger goals in mind.

Digital training and coaching also helps leaders to build their teams Digital Quotient. It is about maximising this Quotient and enabling returns. 

Most leaders realise the urgent need to adapt to the uncertainty of the landscape and talent being scarce, continuous learning is the way to go.

We offer "hands-on, customised, immersion sessions" covering all aspects of digital and brings leaders closer to the changing dynamics of the world we are in.


We will assess your needs and build multiple programmes that are aligned to your business strategies. We will also institutionalise these learning journeys so you can embed them in your transformation and culture.


Check out our Corporate training and Individual Coaching programmes.

Corporate Training Programmes 

We offer programmes that come from real world learning and organisational intelligence.

1: Customised Coaching for Senior Leadership on Mastering Digital Strategy. 6 Hours

2: Digital Induction and Immersion of key employees at your Organisation. A workshop providing an overview of the market shifts, challenges and includes brainstorming of real world use-cases, new models and ideas. 14 Hours

3: Digital Mind-set Shift for Mid-level Managers. Digital Disruption and Winning Strategies, Design Thinking Approach and Mindset, ecosystem strategies, Success Stories, New Consumer Challenges and their expectations. 12 Hours

4: Digital Master Classes for all levels. 8 Hours

The sessions will be conducted by Rajeev Sharma.

Rajeev has over 25 years of experience managing brands at Ogilvy, J Walter Thompson (now Wunderman Thompson), Tribal DDB, TBWA etc.

He was trained to carry WPP Digital Acceleration workshops across APAC and then attended Hyper Island Master Classes which helped him further conduct 1.5 day workshops across JWT clients, and group companies. He has conducted such sessions at corporates like Hewlett Packard, Aditya Birla Financial Services, DY Works etc. He has trained students at Welingkar Institute of Management studies and spoken at conferences and institutions like Indian Institute of Management.

He was also mandated to create Self Learning Material (SLM) for MBA students for iNurture (an education start-up)  and has consulted for UpGrad (an ed-tech unicorn)



“Rajeev is a thought leader and whatever the level of the audience, shows compelling vision and flexibility. His session was an engaging, informative and highly customised one for us. It set us on a new transformational journey”

Ajay Kakar, Group CMO Aditya Birla Financial Services

Mr Prashant Gakhar, HRO & M - Cluster Training Head at Hewlett Packard, “Rajeev conducted a programme for us under our NSOB initiative. I must say it was electrifying. He did an exceptional job mixing theory with practical examples. He does it in a unique captivating style. We video recorded it and cascaded it further internally, using most of the leanings across functions"

Prashant Gakhar, HRO & M - Cluster Training Head at Hewlett Packard

Lets understand your Organisation goals, challenges and look at the Learning journey we need to get your leaders to embark on. Write to us:
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