our partnerships

Dignity Foundation

Dignity Foundation helps lonely elderly citizens find a home


A highly promising brand looking to disrupt the mobile space

DP Infotech

A company providing technology solutions to clients across industries from India and UK


Favcy builds enCommerce networks and drives engagement, sales, loyalty and advocacy for its clients


A promising new age education brand that provides online education programmes


An education services brand that offers new age degrees for new age careers

A heavily awarded Digital Agency wanted to push its leadership position further, grow its portfolio and create a culture that consistently builds transformative solutions for its clients.

Its been a wonderful experience working along side this magnificent agency with over 100 people, helping enhance and sharpen its identity, forging on a path of reinvention and helping it deliver smart solutions to its clients. We worked like an in-house talent embedded within the agency and help developed a culture where each person is driven to collaborate and deliver that extra bit towards great insight-led Digital work.

An NGO wanted to build empathy and drive awareness amongst the current generation towards their lonely and deserted elderly parents.

We instantly realised what needed to be done when we met the elderly citizens staying in the very comfortable township. They were well taken care of, but there were hundreds of thousands others staying alone lacking access or advice. We worked with our partners to deliver a social media and search solution to identify the audience that was most likely to find value in their offering. We created celebratory and uniquely fulfilling moments at the township and build stories around it to spread the word.

Transitioning a brand from B2B to B2C in a dynamic evolving world

We partnered alongside a two decade old company in the Unified communication field, fresh and nimble in personality just like a start-up. We worked with their team to dig deeper into the industry, brought about meaningful insights and then re-looked at the company in light of its strengths and capabilities. The team discovered the changing rules of the game and the role of personalised consumer experience. We did an extensive springboard to restructure and rearticulate the company’s product and offerings and the target category they operate in. 

A brand wanted to expand its operations to international markets and build more revenue streams

Guided, mentored and partnered this promising technology client with a good track record in banking industry, to upscale and redefine their image.

We carried series of meetings and conducted a business springboard session. 

We built a new identity and digital footprint for them, as they expanded and opened their first office in UK.

Redefining the space the brand operates in, and creating a new category

A relatively new brand carving its identity and space, with a robust methodology and a stack of products that can be used across multiple touch points within dozens of consumer journeys to drive engagement, wanted to build a proposition for itself. Once we realised the potential of the industry and met the team we were sure this was a brand with a game changing offering. The brand doesn’t just drive engagement but ensures those lead to measurable results.  We worked along the team to identify their strengths and built their new story. Their audience spanned C level executives downwards to loyalty and engagement leads and across industries delivering superior engagement and conversions. This led to the creation of a new category where each consumer interaction can be motivated, monitored and tracked across channels offline and online. The brand is poised to disrupt the market and showcase the arrival of the One-to-Moment practice.

Bringing real market success stories to an education platform that delivers immersive learning experiences

We were tasked with discovering real market success stories and then bringing these stories out in interesting ways for students to attempt the same as a challenge. These stories were presented in short videos and once the students attempted them, they were discussed in specially designed webinars.