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Case Studies

We have worked with over 20 brands on their unique challenges and provided solutions that promised growth and success

Below are a few case studies

Finding empathy amongst youth for their ignored parents


Problem: An NGO working to help senior deserted parents reclaim life and relive pleasant times, wanted to evoke the (lost) realisation amongst this "busy" younger generation about the misery their old parents may be going through. 

Job to be Done: Help re-awaken soul

Strategy: We used a two pronged strategy: On one level targeted moments in the young adults life which provoked subtle awakening; and second showcased uniquely fulfilling moments at the elderly township so it creates the point of arrival in the minds of the audience.

What was unique in our approach: We amplified the happy, enriching environment and did not show it in a 'call for help' tone.



Transforming Agency operations to maximise profits


Problem: A 360 communication firm, a legacy brand for more that two decades, with unmatched credibility wanted to capitalise on its strengths, monetise services and enhance work flows all aimed at increasing profitability.

Job to be Done: Increase profits using the same set-up

Strategy: We looked inwards at their own strengths: People, Processes, Work. Through deep assessment centred around two aspects - a) The future client requirements and b) how this Agencies strengths match up to these requirements, we did idea sessions to rebuild a fresh cohesive unit that brought out their core offerings in stronger, profitable ways.

What was unique in our approach: Changed the narrative to attract premium retainer accounts


Using technology to nurture "creative role-play" in kids

Problem: A Children's story-telling app was looking to find opportunities to transform the age-old practice of grand-parents to grand children storytelling, to today's technology-led self-learning, role-play method around modern-age parenting.

Job to be Done: Nurture natural creative skills in children

Strategy: We studied the age group of 3 year upwards till 13 years and used a mix of offline role play and online prompts from the app.

What was unique in our approach: Integrating offline role-play methods into the app.

Building commerce-play by rewarding consumers for their social actions

Problem: A brand wanted to find success at the intersection of gamification, engagement and rewards by gratifying consumers for their interactions on social media by giving them redeemable tokens.

Job to be Done: Gamify every consumer’s interaction with a brand on Social

Strategy: After studying existing brand-gamified environments and consumers pull towards new-age engagement-led loyalty, we realised this was about creating a completely new method of consumer involvement. We built a reward at every stage of the consumer pathway

What was unique in our approach: Re-imagined loyalty and transformed it to small-reward filled continuous consumer interactions.



Creating a winning proposition for a new AI Platform


Problem: Our client wanted to launch a cognitive AI platform. We were tasked to create their business and creative proposition ground-up starting from their name, communication proposition and a complete digital marketing roadmap.

Job to be Done: Find the right positioning and brand purpose

Strategy: We focussed on Gartner’s classification of brands and packaged our offerings basis those.

What was unique in our approach: Multiple business springboard sessions with diverse stakeholders across countries.



Refreshing a brand to make it relevant in a 'connected world'

Problem: Transforming a two decade old company (in the business of creating convergence in Unified Communication) to a new age brand that's ahead of the curve in ensuring better consumer delivery and efficiency in operations. The mandate was to re-stage the brand and refresh its offering to target the new "connected-world consumer" whose perception of experience had undergone a drastic change.

Job to be Done: Refresh the brand

Strategy: We looked at the world and built use cases around instant connectivity, instant solutions and seamless convergence.

What was unique in our approach: We realised the most important task was to look contemporary. For that to be achieved, we identified category insights and rebuilt past client use-cases, repackaged them and created a modern value proposition.



Launching services in an international market and expanding the Indian operations

Problem: A software brand working for Banking and Financial Services clients wanted to explore the UK market and expand its operations there.

Job to be Done: Build a fresh global tone

Strategy: We showcased their best Indian case studies and use them to build attractiveness taking leading UK brands as examples

What was unique in our approach: Scanning the UK markets and reshaping Indian case studies



Converting real world success stories into video learning assignments


Problem: A leading eLearning brand wanted to bring real market success stories in the form of learning material for students to imbibe and use in their projects. We were tasked with identifying those stories, creating the specific use case and then presenting them to the students with an additional challenge.

Job to be Done: Create video case studies of real world cases

Strategy: Picked a real brand and used their transformation story in the video; built on three areas - as a case study; as learning and best practice; and as a student activity

What was unique in our approach: Culminating the learning loop with a webinar



Generating intent to donate


Problem: An NGO working for underprivileged children's rights looked at optimising their donor's journey.

Job to be Done: Achieve donor satisfaction

Strategy: We analysed prospective donor’s donor history, digital behaviour and their own ‘voice’ to mimic our story telling

What was unique in our approach: Showing true impact and the work going behind the cause

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