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Case Studies

Finding empathy amongst youth for their lonely parents

An NGO that was helping old deserted parents reclaim life and pleasant times wanted to evoke a realisation amongst this busy younger generation about the misery their old parents may be going through and hence find ways to feel inspired to continue the connect. We used a two pronged strategy: On one level targeting moments in the young adults life which provoked subtle awakening; and second showcased uniquely fulfilling moments at the elderly township so it creates the point of arrival in the mind of the audience.
What was unique in our approach: We amplified the peacefully enriching environment to create positive attractiveness and not end up it being as a 'call for help'.

Transforming Agency operations to maximise profits

An Advertising Agency, a legacy brand for more that two decades, with unmatched credibility, wanted to capitalise on its strengths, monetise services and enhance work flows to increase profitability. We partnered with them, embarking on a journey of discovery and identified strengths that existed within their own leadership, people, offerings and work. Through deep assessment, from idea sessions to client meetings and solution pitches, we re-built a fresh cohesive unit that brought out their core offerings in stronger ways.
What was unique in our approach: Repackaging the Agency's strengths and building new offerings as individual areas of excellence and as a collective.

Using technology to nurture "creative role-play" in kids

A Children's story-telling brand was looking to find opportunities to expand from the age-old practice of Grand-parents telling stories to their grand children, to today's technology-led self-learning /role-play methods that attracts modern parents. We studied the age group of 3 year upwards till 13 years and based on key insights and concerns of young parents, arrived at the core proposition based on which we built our communication on. With the client team we refreshed the brand proposition and the brand purpose, making the creative communication appeal to the modern parent.
What was unique in our approach: We thought of this brand's future and evolution as a platform that encourages and nurtures natural creativity in children, integrating offline role-play methods into the app.

Building commerce-play by rewarding consumers for their social actions

A brand wanted to find success at the intersection of gamification, engagement and rewards, by gratifying consumers for their interactions on social media by giving them tokens. After studying existing brand-gamified environments and consumers pull towards new age engagement-led loyalty, we realised this was about creating a completely new method of consumer involvement. We examined each consumer journey to find the users motivations and drivers, as they interacted with the brands they admired. 
What was unique in our approach: This category had to be looked at differently, not just like a loyalty solution or a reward & redemption offering. It was about building a new world of commerce that used social interactions to generate brand love, brand admiration and intent to purchase, gratifying the consumer on the way.

Creating a winning creative proposition for a new to be launched AI Platform

A California based cognitive AI platform wanted to launch its solutions in the market. We were tasked to create their business and creative proposition ground-up starting from their name to designing of collaterals and building a complete digital marketing plan. We built their brand positioning, digital roadmap, PR and communication strategy and included content and new ideas that covered Social Media channels and a new Website.
What was unique in our approach: We first looked from the influencer's side of the view and built a narrative, which was then brainstormed for the B2B corporates. For this entire exercise we conducted business springboard workshops with the India and US teams and helped create a unique proposition.

Refreshing a brand to make it relevant in a 'connected world'

Transforming a two decade old company in the business of creating convergence in Unified Communication, to a company that's ahead of the curve in ensuring better consumer delivery and efficiency in operations. The mandate was to re-stage the brand and refresh its offering to target the new "connected-world consumer" who's needs had undergone drastic change. They were looking at the world as their market with instant connectivity, instant solutions and seamless convergence. We conducted several opportunity springboards to uncover category challenges and align the future opportunities with the brand's evolution.
What was unique in our approach: We realised the most import task was to look contemporary. For that to be achieved, we identified the category insights and rebuilt our past client use-cases, repackaged them and created a modern value proposition.

Launching services in an international market and expanding the Indian operations

A software brand working for Banking and Financial Services clients wanted to explore the UK market and expand its operations there. We wanted to showcase their best Indian case studies and use them to build attractiveness, as they got ready to make a mark in the market there. Their entire brand proposition was revised to show a promising service provider with a stellar record and a dedicated development team back in India.
What was unique in our approach: Scanning through the UK business landscape to find the meeting point of the challenges business leaders face in that market and the gaps in offerings by the current suppliers there.

Converting real world success stories into video learning assignments

A leading eLearning brand wanted to bring real market success stories in the form of learning material for students to imbibe and use in their projects.We were tasked with identifying those stories, creating the specific use case and then presenting them to the students with an additional challenge.
What was unique in our approach: Culminating the learning loop with an online interaction that provides the students with multiple insights into each aspect of the success story.

Generating intent to donate, after analysing the donor's journey

An NGO working for underprivileged children's rights looked at optimising their donor's journey. We were to look at their data and derive inferences on various parameters that can help them raise funds. We analysed their digital properties, social handles and outreach programmes to provide insights.
What was unique in our approach: Building empathy from the children's own voices and embedding them at moments where a potential donor could be impacted.
Digital Strategy Workshop
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